Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Day In The Life

of me! I assure you I'm not a very interesting person and my weekdays are pretty routine but I thought this would be a fun way for ya'll to get to know me a bit more. Here we go :)

My days start at 6:15am when my alarm goes off {although I do not actually get out of bed until 7am}. Those 45 minutes are my favorite and I cherish them because I know one day when I have children, my feet will be hitting the ground at 6:15 or earlier.

7am-8am I'm busy letting the dogs out, preparing their breakfast, feeding the cat and cleaning his litter box, and getting myself ready and dressed for the day etc.  Next I prepare my breakfast and lunch, run the robot vacuum
, straighten up the house, and let the dogs out one more time {Jon works the night shift and I know he won't be up for a little bit so I make sure the dogs are good to go before I leave}.

By 8am I'm in the car and headed to work. I arrive at the office around 8:30. Work is work and I'll spare ya'll the details of how my morning goes but here's what part of my work space looks like.

Around 12:30pm I take my lunch. I use this time to catch up on my favorite blogs {A. Liz Adventures}, peruse Pinterest, write a blog post, or do some online shopping. After an hour break, I head back to work until 5pm.

When I'm finally off of work and done my 30-40 minute commute, I head straight home or stop for some errands. This day I had to do a grocery run before heading home {I only run errands on days that I know Jon is home with dogs all day. Otherwise my priority is getting home to them as soon as possible}.

By 6:30pm I'm walking in the door after a long day. Jon has already left to work the night shift so I let the dogs out for a quick potty break while I prepare their {and the cat's} dinner. Surprise! A package was delivered from ClassPass {see previous post}.

The rest of my evening consists of a shower, sweats, running my vbot again {I'm OCD when it comes to my floors}, dinner, a glass of wine, and The Bachelor. I'm in bed at 10pm and will be up again when Jon comes home from work so that I can see him for a bit. 

6:15am comes the next morning and my day starts again... What do your days look like? I find it so hard to do anything fun during the week because I'm out of the house 9-10 hours out of the day. Days start to run together and all of a sudden I'm in a funk. I'm sure I'm not the only one this happens to, right!? ;) I need to start changing things up a bit!

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