Friday, September 29, 2017

Five on {Friday Favorites}

A random assortment of favorites for you today...

1. I received my Matilda Jane October trunk on Wednesday and I can officially share it with you on Monday. Please connect with me on Facebook where I will be going live to show my favorite pieces from the collection! If you miss me live, I will post the video to my timeline. So so excited for this!!! Here's a sneak peek...

2. Sienna tried solids for the VERY FIRST TIME this week. This is the aftermath of prunes:

3. You might have caught me on snapchat, talking about my new highlighter by NYX. I'm loving it!!!

Image result for nyx highlighter lavender steel

4. Local weekend happenings: Wine on the Water @ Baltimore Rowing Club, Fireside Saturdays @ Harford Vineyard & Winery, Apple Picking @ Wilson's Farm Market, Fall Festival @ Bel Air Church of the Nazarene, Pirate Weekend @ Maryland Renaissance Festival, Ravens vs. Steelers @ M&T Bank Stadium

Image may contain: text

5. I'm a big fan of shopping your own house. Just ask my husband, I'm always moving things around! So when our floral arrangement needed to be moved to make room for Fall decorations, I decided to find a new place for it. It might be staying there for good!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also Luke 12:34

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mug Love Exchange & Giveaway

A group of us bloggers joined together to do a "mug love exchange"... how fun is that!? I was partnered up with Sarah from Meet the Shaneyfelts!

She sent me an ensemble of Fall goodies...

I'm loving the copper mug that can be used for both my tea and moscow mules!!!

Head on over to Wife Mommy Me to enter the giveaway! The winner will get to choose between either $50 to Starbucks or a PayPal payment of $50.
Good luck!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also Luke 12:34

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fall Home Tour

Welcome to my home! I have added small touches of Fall throughout our living space so that we can feel festive all season long. These are items I've accumulated over the years so if you want to know where something is from, just leave a comment and I'll get back to you! Also, on snapchat today I did a little tour of my kitchen... since it's such a small space, it's easier to see on video.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also Luke 12:34

Monday, September 25, 2017

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday y'all! Here's to a great week ahead but first a little weekend recap. Saturday morning I finished setting up my Fall decorations and I can't wait to give a little home tour later this week! That afternoon I dropped Sienna off at my parents house for a sleepover. Jon and I attended a friends wedding that night at a new venue on the water in Edgemere, Maryland. I was on snapchat documenting all of the fun we had! Sunday morning we went to my parents house to spend the morning with them and Sienna {who had a blast at her sleepover the night before}. Around noon, Jon dropped me off at a girlfriends house and took the baby to lunch. A few girlfriends and I went to Sunday in Country for a little "mommy's day out" while Jon spent the rest of the day bonding one on one with Sienna. I was home by 10pm and back on mama duty at 5am when Sienna woke up for a bottle. Now I'm refreshed and ready to tackle the week with my baby girl!

When you're at a police officer's wedding

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For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also Luke 12:34

Friday, September 22, 2017

Five on {Friday Favorites}

Happy Friday! Whew what a week! I'm having some technical trouble with the video I posted yesterday {insert embarrassed emoji}. Let's see if I can get it working today. In the meantime, like every other Friday I am linking up with Smidge of This and a few other blogs to share our favorites from the week.

1. I am SO EXCITED to share with you all that I am a new boutique owner/trunk keeper with Matilda Jane Clothing! I actually shared the news via Facebook live Wednesday night {connect with me on Facebook if you would like to keep updated with my weekly live videos}. I just LOVE this brand and HAD to be a part of it. Have you ever heard of Matilda Jane? If not, that's ok! I answer a lot of questions about MJ here so please check it out!

166184a1f901411f50454a92d75052e8.jpg (734×1136)

2. I finally got my butt back in the gym and it felt SO GOOD! You can't beat the feeling of accomplishment you get after going to the gym

3. Today is the first day of Fall! Today is the first day of Fall! Definitely a favorite this week.

Image result for welcome fall

4. Local weekend happenings: Johnny Appleseed Festival @ Weber's Cider Mill Farm, St. Joseph's Fall Family Festival @ Angel Park, Fall Harvest & Craft Festival @ Steppingstone Museum, Ravens vs. Jaguars @ M&T Bank Stadium

5. Ok I've posted about Lipsense twice this week so now makes three times. Are you annoyed yet? Definitely don't want to sound like a broken record of here but I am enjoying Lipsense. Which color should I go with next? I have my eye on Kiss For a Cause but that is definitely BAM! A sweet reader suggested Bombshell. I would love to hear some more suggestions because let's face it, I'll probably grab another 2 or 3 colors!

My before and after with the color Aussie Rose

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also Luke 12:34

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Lipsense Application Video

You guys I felt so silly recording this video. I am just not a natural. But I wanted to show the difference in layers when applying your Lipsense color. If you didn't catch my review, you can read it here.

In the video I mention a cool Halloween look that my distributor shared with me. If you're interested, here it is:

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also Luke 12:34

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

My Lipsense Review {Aussie Rose color}

I'm always late to the party it seems. Have y'all tried Lipsense yet? If not, don't worry because I just did. Although it has had a cult following for a while now and I've been secretly stalking it for about 3 months!

I don't usually wear a lot of makeup unless I'm going out somewhere. While I was on vacation a few weeks ago I found myself wearing a lip color almost the entire time because... vacation. I was also kissing my baby a lot because... I do that all the time! It was then that I hit the trigger and ordered myself some Lipsense. Smudge proof? Kiss proof? Water proof? You got me!

I chose to go with Aussie Rose as my first color because I felt it was pretty neutral. I also have my eye on Kiss For a Cause but that one is definitely BAM! Might be better for a second or third color. I liked Aussie Rose although on me I think it goes on with a tint of orange. Different skin and lip tones may have a different reaction. 

The correct way to apply your lip color is in 3 layers followed by a gloss {see tomorrow's post for my application video}. The color is a very thin consistency and has a very strong chemical/alcohol smell that I was not expecting. That smell goes away but it is definitely something I wish I knew to expect beforehand. By the 3rd layer I was very happy with the way it looked... not so much after the 1st or 2nd layer, though. The gloss is thick and somewhat sticky. You need the gloss because your lips feel way too dry without it. There is no need to reapply your color... it should last you all day. But you will need to reapply your gloss. 

Before and after

At the end of the day, I used the oops remover and I really have to say that I love it. My color came off in basically one swipe and the remover has a great smell! Somewhat like a vanilla flavor. My lips felt really great afterwards! Some of you may think about not purchasing the oops and just using other methods to remove your Lipsense color which is fine but I cannot say enough great things about the oops remover. I am so glad I bought it!

If you are interested in trying Lipsense feel free to email me and I will get you in contact with one of the distributors I know. If you have any questions also feel free to email me or leave a comment!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also Luke 12:34

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sienna's Baptism

On Sunday our sweet girl was baptized at Saint Margaret Church. It was such a memorable time because Sienna cried screamed the ENTIRE time! Poor girl was just NOT feeling well... she has some tummy issues going on plus she had her 4 month shots on Friday which led to a low grade fever on Saturday. What was I thinking scheduling her baptism just two days after her shots? Mom fail.

We opted to have the reception in a building at the church. We figured it was easier than making everyone go somewhere else after the ceremony. So on Saturday evening my mother in law and husband set up the room while I put the baby to bed. I arrived on Sunday and put some finishing touches on everything and waited for the food delivery.

Around 12:30 is when Sienna started to fuss but I was able to hold off the full blown meltdown with a bottle and some cuddling. The ceremony started at 1:30 pm and she fussed here and there. Stressful, yes... but nothing I couldn't handle. As soon as everything was over and it was time for pictures, she had enough. Enter in full blown meltdown. Screaming, face red, the whole 9 yards. As much as we all wanted pictures I just had to make the hard decision as a mama and tell everyone we couldn't do it then.

We walked over to the reception and Sienna fell asleep. She was just SO TIRED. We were all able to eat in hopes that Sienna would wake up refreshed and ready for pictures. She woke up and five minutes later it was full blown meltdown again! My poor baby wouldn't take a bottle and as just not feeling well. So, no pictures... and that's okay. We gave her a small dose of tylenol and her aunt Lauren held her with a warm compress on her belly and she soon fell back asleep.

Our family started to make their way out and it was time to get our girl home. Yesterday we had an appointment with her doctor and we are doing some new things to help her belly. Please keep her in your prayers!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also Luke 12:34
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