Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites

Hi guys! TGIF! For today's Five on Friday linkup I'm bringing you five of my favorites from the week.

1. Favorite Instagram: bedfordrose

2. Favorite recipe: Easy lemon blueberry muffins

3. Favorite blog: Her Heart and Home

4. Favorite pin: How-to's

5. Favorite shop: Curiosity for The Home

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Faux Wood vs Bamboo Blinds

I never knew how expensive blinds were until I bought my renovated home which had new windows but no blinds! Sure when you look at the cost of just one set of blinds, it doesn't seem so bad. But when you are buying for 15 windows, that cost quickly adds up! We have been in our home for close to 4 years now and we still have temporary blinds on all of our windows {I know, ew}. There's two reasons why it's taken us so long to buy permanent ones: 1. the cost 2. I couldn't decide on what type of blinds I wanted.

I've had my heart set on bamboo blinds for the longest time... I just love the natural look and the price tag! But I haven't taken the plunge and purchased them because I've been so afraid about the lack of privacy. Bamboo blinds are very transparent and that just doesn't work for me.

I still couldn't get over how much I loved the look of bamboo blinds so I was about to order them last night until it dawned on me that wood blinds give a similar look to bamboo blinds! I had no idea at what price point wood blinds would be at because all I've been looking at were bamboo blinds so I did a quick search and found that faux wood blinds were the right choice for me. They give a natural look, are low cost, and provide privacy! I went with these blinds in golden oak and I can't wait for them to be delivered. I really hope they end up working for me! Stay tuned, I'll give an update shortly.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Baltimore Blizzard 2016

The snow hit us h-a-r-d. It started Friday night and ended Saturday night with 2 to 3 feet of snow or more with snow drifts. And as of today {Wednesday} my alley is still not plowed. My street however was finally plowed yesterday. Last night was the first time since Friday that I was able to get out in my car. So what did I do all those days? Well I worked from home, ate good food that my hubby cooked, watched a lot of movies on our new g box, and reorganized some of my house. I know, realllll interesting right? Here's a look at what's been going on:

Sunday morning we could not open our front door so Jon had to go out the back door and hop our fence in order to shovel us out!

He literally spent all day shoveling our front sidewalk and our backyard so the dogs had a walkway to run through. {For reference, my fence is 6 1/2 feet tall and my dogs are pit bull type dogs so they aren't exactly tiny. You can imagine how much snow we got!}

I stayed inside and cleaned the house from top to bottom. I almost started scrubbing my walls... I was on a roll! Instead, I did a little organizing {Basket from HomeGoods/4 pack of mini chalkboards at the Target dollar section}

This little corner nook is right off of my kitchen and because our front closet was so packed, all of our coats would pile up here and it just looked terrible. So I did some purging and created a donate pile. Because I was able to make more room in our closet for the coats, I was also able to clear out this little corner nook!

Monday I worked from home and yesterday & today I got rides into work with co-workers. Tomorrow I should be able to get out of my alley! This is what the front of my house looked like this morning...

Snow was so much more fun when we were kids! Now it's just a pain in the you-know-what!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Five {Must-have Blizzard items}

T-7 hours until the blizzard arrives in Baltimore. It's safe to say if you go to any local grocery store today, you will not find one gallon of milk, one loaf of bread, a pack of water, or a roll of toilet paper. I sent my poor husband to the store yesterday and he said it was c-r-a-z-y! So now that we have all of our food, drinks, and toilet paper here's what else I'm making sure I've got:

1. A good book. Okay so this isn't really a book you sit down and read. It's more of a coffee table book but I haven't had the chance to flip through mine yet so I'll use this down time to finally take a look at it!

2. A cozy blanket. I have been asking for this faux fur throw for years and I finally got it from my parents for Christmas. It is SO soft! You better bet I'll be snuggling up in this while the snow falls.

3. Adult coloring book! In case we lose power I'm going to need something to do that doesn't involve using electricity. Enter the Secret Garden coloring book.

4. A new recipe to try. I just love how yummy all of Shay's recipes look and I am obsessed with Shepherd's Pie so I think I'm going to whip some up tomorrow. Mmmm

5. Lawn chairs! Us Baltimorean's know all too well how important lawn chairs are during and after a snow storm! Nothing is worse than cleaning out your parking spot only to come home and find that someone else is parked in it and now you have to clean out another one. Lawn chair marks the spot!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34

Thursday, January 21, 2016

What I'm Watching

Y'all I hate to say it but I wasn't too impressed with Making a Murderer. Sure the evidence was shocking and I looked forward to every new episode because I just needed to know what happened... but in the end I really think it got way more hype than it deserved. It was slow and the quality wasn't all that great... just my opinion!

 Ps. there's a podcast that is super similar to Making a Murderer, called Serial. Have you heard of it? In season one the murder took place in Baltimore and just like Making a Murderer, a boy is supposed falsely accused of murdering a girl and there is controversial evidence to prove.

Ok now onto the shows I'm currently watching! I'm a big Real Housewives fan and I watch all of the different cities but the newest is The Real Housewives of Potomac and I'm really interested to see how this first season goes. Potomac is right outside of Baltimore so maybe that's why I'm so excited about it!? There's only been one episode so far and it was all about getting to know the ladies so not much to go off of yet

The next show I'm all about right now is Bringing up Bates. If you were a fan of 19 Kids and Counting, you'll love the Bates family too! They are a God centered family and I just love watching each episode to see what they're up too. It's a very humbling show!

I am OBSESSED with Pit bulls and Parolees. It's no secret that I love animals and have a passion for animal rescue. I'm a firm believer in #adoptdontshop because there are shelters and rescues full of animals needing homes. Pit bulls and Parolees shows the harsh reality of what some animals endure and why it is so important to adopt. I saw the suffering first hand when I volunteered at the city shelter for a year and yet I still cry every episode of Pit bulls and Parolees.

As you can tell the shows I watch are kind of all over the place. Next up is my good ol' trashy reality tv show. I can't get enough of Mob Wives. The whole mob life is so intriguing to me! This is the last season of Mob Wives and I'm really bummed.

Last but not least I'm watching I Love Kellie Pickler and just as the title of the show says, I'm loving it! Kellie Pickler's personality is so adorable and sweet and I just admire the marriage she has with Kyle. Not to mention she is a dog lover, her house is cute, and her voice is amazing. What's not to love?

 Well that's all folks! I love me some reality tv. What are you watching right now?
 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Baltimore's Adoptable Dogs, January 2016

Time for another edition of "Baltimore's Adoptable Dogs" because lets face it, who doesn't like looking at cute dogs? and the best part is... they can come home with you if you want because they are up for adoption! If adding one of these cuties to your family isn't ideal for you right now, I ask that you please consider sharing this post {via the social media icons at the bottom} to help get these babies a forever home. Thank you!

Boog adoptable through Bella's Bully Buddies

 Boog is a big sweet boy who loves to hang out with his people and snuggle, His favorite things include exploring, going for walks, working for treats, tossing his toys in the air, and a good soft couch. Did we mention he likes car rides? Because his favorite thing is CAR RIDES!!! He really does not like to get baths but if you feed him treats he will stand there like a champ, actually he will do anything for a treat. He loves people and really wants to please them and be a good ole pup. He has been good on walks with his foster sister. 
More Info About Me:
Basics: Weight - 60 lbs, Age - 5yrs 1 mths
Has done well with: Dogs - unknown, Cats - No, Kids - unknown

Tigger adoptable through Baltimore Bully Crew 

Located in Baltimore, MD. This is Tigger. He is a year old. Please visit our website at and complete our adoption application to add Tigger to your family. Most information about our adoption process can be found on our website at *We do require applications prior to meet and greets.

Goose adoptable at BARCS

Goose is as sweet as they come - she'll even smile at you with a toothy grin and wiggle all over when she's happy! She loves to take walks, and is very good on the leash. She knows "sit" and is a quick learner, especially when there are treats! She loves affection, belly rubs, and cuddles, and is very generous with her kisses. She even met a baby and was gentle and sweet. She's sure to melt your heart - come meet this beautiful girl at BARCS today!!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34

Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekend Recap

I'm a little late to the party on this freezing cold Monday. Jon is sick with what is probably food poisoning so I'm working from home today to take care of him. Before he started to feel sick last night, we had a good weekend. Friday night we went out to eat at our local seafood spot and then came home to watch some movies with our new gbox. Saturday morning we ran over to Jon's sisters house to watch our niece while they took their newborn baby to a check up. We really cherish our time with sweet Emma. The things she says just cracks us up! I spent the afternoon reorganizing my kitchen. I have very minimal cabinet space and was running out of room for food storage so after a quick stop at HomeGoods I came home with one huge basket to store snacks on top of my fridge. Not my ideal solution but the only one I really have. Saturday night Jon had to work and I went out with one of my best friends for dinner and drinks. We went to our favorite tapas restaurant in Fells Point, Mezze and then headed next door to Kali's Court for some drinks. Sunday was spent as a day of rest so we ordered in some food, napped, did some chores around the house, and then ended it with an errand to Target and carryout for dinner! Time to get my butt  back to the gym and head back to work tomorrow :) I'm ready to tackle the week

Emma Grace


Finds at HomeGoods in Towson, MD and the new "snack basket" on top of my fridge.


Girls night!


We love our tapas

4 chalkboard tags just $1 at target... perfect for my new basket

I think I could get used to working from home with this guy ;)

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34
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