Thursday, January 21, 2016

What I'm Watching

Y'all I hate to say it but I wasn't too impressed with Making a Murderer. Sure the evidence was shocking and I looked forward to every new episode because I just needed to know what happened... but in the end I really think it got way more hype than it deserved. It was slow and the quality wasn't all that great... just my opinion!

 Ps. there's a podcast that is super similar to Making a Murderer, called Serial. Have you heard of it? In season one the murder took place in Baltimore and just like Making a Murderer, a boy is supposed falsely accused of murdering a girl and there is controversial evidence to prove.

Ok now onto the shows I'm currently watching! I'm a big Real Housewives fan and I watch all of the different cities but the newest is The Real Housewives of Potomac and I'm really interested to see how this first season goes. Potomac is right outside of Baltimore so maybe that's why I'm so excited about it!? There's only been one episode so far and it was all about getting to know the ladies so not much to go off of yet

The next show I'm all about right now is Bringing up Bates. If you were a fan of 19 Kids and Counting, you'll love the Bates family too! They are a God centered family and I just love watching each episode to see what they're up too. It's a very humbling show!

I am OBSESSED with Pit bulls and Parolees. It's no secret that I love animals and have a passion for animal rescue. I'm a firm believer in #adoptdontshop because there are shelters and rescues full of animals needing homes. Pit bulls and Parolees shows the harsh reality of what some animals endure and why it is so important to adopt. I saw the suffering first hand when I volunteered at the city shelter for a year and yet I still cry every episode of Pit bulls and Parolees.

As you can tell the shows I watch are kind of all over the place. Next up is my good ol' trashy reality tv show. I can't get enough of Mob Wives. The whole mob life is so intriguing to me! This is the last season of Mob Wives and I'm really bummed.

Last but not least I'm watching I Love Kellie Pickler and just as the title of the show says, I'm loving it! Kellie Pickler's personality is so adorable and sweet and I just admire the marriage she has with Kyle. Not to mention she is a dog lover, her house is cute, and her voice is amazing. What's not to love?

 Well that's all folks! I love me some reality tv. What are you watching right now?
 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34
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