Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Life Lately

Life has been keeping me busy, busy, busy... we are in the process of going paperless at work so my days are even more hectic than they were before {as if that is possible}, I joined the athletic club to lose the few pounds I put on due to a medication, and I'm trying to reorganize my house to make it more functional. With daily life pretty much kicking my butt, I haven't had much time to blog, which I hate because it is my hobby. Luckily things are starting to come back down to a normal pace and I'm excited to get back to doing the fun posts I love!

You can follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see what goes on in my life, day to day.  If you don't follow me on social media, here's a look at what I've been up to:

My sister in law had her second baby and we babysat one of her dogs for her to give her a few days of rest. Here he is joining my dogs for their daily neighborhood watch party. They take their self proclaimed neighborhood watch jobs very seriously as you can tell!

I've been hosting a home tour on Instagram. Here's 2 looks into my bedroom:

Before joining the gym, we decided to splurge one last time on some cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. My niece and nephew got us a gift card there for Christmas. Godiva chocolate for Jon and apple streusel for me!

Then I joined the gym and met with my personal trainer for the first time. Of course I need a cute gym bag ;) This Ralph Lauren bag has been in my closet for years and is finally getting some use.

My healthy diet started so I whipped up a simple morning snack using leftover garlic bread, an avocado, leftover baby tomatoes, and s&p.

It's been getting colder here! The high of today is supposed to be 26 so I pulled out one of my vests and blanket scarf to keep me warm.


Last but certainly not least, I bought a few power ball tickets because the jackpot is up to 1.5 billion. I don't know about you but if {I mean when ;) } I win, I'm saving a bunch of shelter animals!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34
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