Friday, February 6, 2015


1. Head on over to A Blissful Nest and grab this free desktop and iPhone wallpaper! It's too cute not to.

2. My new ClassPass tank arrived and I am so excited to wear it to class. I posted about this fitness membership {that just launched in Baltimore!} last week. Memberships start at just $99 and you can skip the wait list by following my personal invite

3. Have you entered my $250 Sephora gift card giveaway yet? It ends on 2/13 and you can enter daily. Head on over to this post!

4. I am so happy with Amazon Prime! I just found out on Sunday that my nieces first birthday party is this Sunday and I am so excited. Only problem is, my work schedule did not allow time to make it to the mall this week for a gift. No worries because I was able to shop online through Amazon Prime {which includes free shipping}. I placed my order on Monday and her gift arrived on my doorstep Wednesday. Thank you Amazon Prime

5. I came across this video on my Facebook news feed yesterday and I just couldn't stop laughing... it made my day!!!

Joining these 3 link ups...

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