Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Front Door Update {DIY Wreath & Bow}

Over the weekend we made some updates to our front door. I started by painting it roasted coffee by Valspar. It was white before and showed every speck of dirt which I h-a-t-e-d. I'll be painting my back door the same color for that very reason {my dogs like to scratch on it to let me know they are ready to come inside and it just looks horrendous at this point}! I also made a new wreath to go with the newly painted front door and both of them together make this update my favorite!! {Other than Fall and Christmas, my front porch is American themed}

This was the sad excuse I had for a wreath before. Yeah, I can't believe I even let that thing hang for everyone to see. Ugh! It was faded from the sun and missing flowers and berries... it was just gross.


So I went to the dollar store and bought two bundles of red flowers and two bundles of white flowers {$4}. Next, I ordered the star burlap ribbonfrom Amazon {$9.99- and I have some leftover to use for something else}.

I kept the grapevine wreathand greenery and threw away the old flowers and berries. I cut my new flowers and left about 2 inches of stem on each one {so that I could poke them into the wreath without having to use glue}. Alternating red and white, I lined the wreath with the flowers. I was trying to mimic the stripes on the American flag.


The next task was to make the bow. I gathered my supplies: something I could use to tie {anything will work, really}, measuring tape, the ribbon, and scissors.


You need to cut your ribbon into two lengths. One needs to be 40 inches long and the other needs to be 14 inches long.


Take your 40 inch long piece and fold into the shape shown below. Since my ribbon was so thick {5.5 inches} I needed to fold it in half first to be able to work with it easier. If you have ribbon 3-4 inches wide, you shouldn't have to do that.


Now take your 14 inch long piece and fold it like so...


You'll now place it on top of your 40 inch long piece...


Lastly you'll take whatever you are using to tie, and you'll tie tightly around the middle. See how it looks like a bow now?

After attaching the bow to my wreath, I played around with it and fluffed it up. Yours should look something like this...

Note: For an added touch, cut the ends of your ribbon into a point!

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