Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lib's Grill {Restaurant Feature/ Review}

Location: 5009 Honeygo Center Drive Perry Hall, Maryland 21128 in the Honeygo Village Shopping Center. The shopping center is filled with other restaurants, boutiques, and health services so the parking directly in front of the restaurant fills up quickly. There is a larger lot behind the building which is where I would recommend parking {and going through the restaurant's back entrance}.

Prices: So here's the scoop... Saturday's and Sunday's at lunch time they serve a limited menu for brunch. All other times they serve the entire lunch and dinner menu which has a snack section with items priced under $5. I LOVE that section {I personally can vouch for the deviled eggs, edamame, sriracha ranch dip, and pretzels with beer cheese} but since we were there on a Saturday we had to choose from a small list of appetizers priced between $6-$14. All other prices are normal... not great but I wouldn't say it's overpriced either. Our bill ended up being $57 for 3 beers, an orange crush, fried oyster appetizer, and 2 sandwiches. It was expense for a lunch but standard considering we got 4 alcoholic drinks... man alcoholic drinks are expensive I think I need to stick to water! ;)

Food: The fried oysters were okay... I've had better. They came out warm not piping hot like I would prefer and I couldn't figure out what sauce I liked... the hollandaise was too bland and the black sriracha just wasn't my thing. Look how big Jon's tenderloin sandwich was!! He enjoyed his even though it was very hard to eat. His meat was very tender! I got the chicken sandwich assuming it was going to be fried {it didn't specify so this is just what I was thinking for some reason} and was disappointed when it came out grilled. That disappointment went away quickly though because it was cooked perfectly and juicy. The rest of the sandwich however was so so bland! The description on the menu said it would have honey mustard on it so I thought that would give it a nice flavor but I was wrong. I'm not sure it was even honey mustard... looked and tasted more like a grain mustard. I should have gone with the crab cake sandwich for 5 extra bucks.

Ambiance: We ate at the bar which was very comfortable but then again there weren't many people at the bar. It's a very pretty bar with granite countertops and dark lighting. They also have chalkboard walls where they write specials, drinks, and their oyster list. There's a glass wall dividing the bar and dining area- The dining area caries over the same feel just a little less casual. Lighting is dark and the area is filled with both booths and tables dressed with linen napkins. This is definitely a place you could come with family and sit in the dining area for a nice dinner but also a place you could come for drinks and appetizers with friends and feel like you are having a night out!

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