Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Weekend Recap

Whoooo writes a weekend recap post on a Wednesday??? Me. Life has been so busy that it has really come down to me recapping my weekend on a Wednesday. So here we go: Last Friday Jon worked a double. I worked my normal day and then came home to have a low key night by myself. Sometimes you need those kind of nights. Saturday morning we were up bright and early for dentist appointments. Y'all, I really hate the dentist and I've let my fear keep me away for far too long. Overall the appointment went well but a couple of things came up so I have 2 more appointments over the next few months. Ugh! I should've never waited this long. After our appointments we headed next door to Lib's Grill for lunch... and drinks... I definitely needed to reward myself with a beer. The day was gloomy and rainy which kind of put a damper on our plan to order some gravel for our patio area out back of our house. Instead, we just went to Lowe's to gather all the supplies we will need when we eventually do the patio {this weekend! pending weather}. Next we stopped at Jon's sister's house to visit with our niece and nephew. Jon's sister had just gotten 4 teeth taken out so we stayed for a while to help with the kids who happen to be THE BEST! She was feeling awful so when it was time to leave we packed up our little niece to bring her home with us. A few quick errands and before we knew it, it was 9pm when we were finally getting home from our very long day with toddler in tow! I whipped up some tacos for dinner and then we called it a night. I just want to say how FUN our niece Emma is! We seriously love her so so much. By Sunday evening I was pretty much exhausted {kids and running around non stop will do that to ya I guess} and didn't feel like cooking so we decided to use up some Chili's gift cards that we had laying around. Afterwards we gathered on the sofa to watch The Walking Dead! Monday morning I worked from home because later that day we were going downtown for Opening Day!! I worked my butt off before getting ready and meeting one of my best friends downtown for lunch. She so graciously treated Jon and I to some a-m-a-z-i-n-g seats at the game and we all had such a great time spent with friends. Too much beer and a whole lot of rain really did me in and when I walked through the door Monday night I literally went straight to bed. Tuesday morning came way too fast and I was up at 7am back to reality. Whew! What. a. weekend. 


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