Sunday, December 15, 2013

Restaurant Review, Freddies Ale House

Location: 7209 Harford Road Baltimore, MD 21234 On the line dividing the city and the county. Surrounded by old school Italian deli's and an Italian restaurant. Minutes from Hamilton and if you keep heading South you will soon hit downtown Baltimore.   

Prices: The $5 mini pitchers (32 oz.) of beer during happy hour is probably the best deal they have. All other prices were normal and what I would expect for a neighborhood bar :)

Food: We really like the large beer selection and that they are always rotating what they have on tap. The menu consists of sandwiches and appetizers, no entrees (although they say they are in the process of adding new items). And the weekend breakfast menu is to die for... Lots of specials too... Hint hint $3 Bloody Mary and mimosas!!! 

The food tasted great. The fries that we got as an appetizer were a little undercooked though and we would have liked scallions on top (the old Freddies in Bel Air made them that way).

The powerhouse wrap was SO delicious! I asked to add cheddar cheese because it said that it didn't come with any. This would be the perfect dish for any vegetarian or just for someone like me who prefers refreshing dishes over wings (sorry Jon) lol

Jon said the lemon pepper wings were perfectly crispy and the hot 3 sauce on the side was good and not too spicy for him (it's the spiciest sauce they serve and it has a lot of black pepper in it)

Ambiance: Its your typical old neighborhood bar with games like foosball in the back. They recently did some renovations that were very needed and they added a chalkboard beer list when you first walk in, which I love! They did a really good job with the holiday decor (lighted wreaths and garland around the windows). The only thing I didn't like was the music. We asked the bartender and she said it was pandora on their iPod playing. One minute it was playing Oasis (what I thought was perfect for the audience of the bar) and the next it was playing some rap song which reminded me of a club (mind you it was also 6pm on a Monday evening) so that really turned me off. 

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