Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pet Solutions

Here's how I successfully run my small home with 2 dogs and a cat.

I love, love, love the dog bowls with matching mats that I got from Petsmart. The placemats are essential for me- easy clean up! And they have a "lip" around the edge to ensure food and water stays on the mat and off of my floors :)

Duke is fed in the same area but separately from the dogs to keep from someone stealing his food. He has the same bowls and mat as they do, just a different size.

Food is kept in this container. As you can see Duke's is on top, and the dog food is on the bottom in the larger area. I labeled the containers to keep it easy for anyone in my family who may need to feed them while I'm gone.

Pet food, leashes and collars, and the trashcan are kept behind this tall gate. If you can train your dog to never get into the trashcan than I applaud you. Mine of course won't dare try it while I'm home but I can assure you I am not taking the chance while I'm gone!!!

I got this durable rug from ikea. It is set as a stopping point for muddy paws :)

You might be able to tell I'm very particular about my floors. Pet hair a problem in your home? Get a Robot Vacuum like the one I have. It does the work for you... enough said!!!

Duke's litter boxes are kept in one of my extra bedrooms upstairs. I keep a baby gate blocking the doorway. It has just enough room for him to comfortably walk under and just enough room to keep the dogs from getting to his litter box.

And now for Duke's potty station lol. You might think my cat is a little spoiled because he has 2 litter boxes but let me explain why. One is self cleaning- he doesn't like to pee in this one. The other is just your regular litter box- he doesn't like to poop in that one. BUT I live a busy life (don't we all!) and sometimes I can't get to the regular litter box right away. If that occurs, Duke has the luxury of choosing the self cleaning litter box which automatically cleans his waste when he's done. And as you can see, I always keep an extra box of regular clump litter and some trays of his self cleaning litter.

Bagel beds!!! My dogs love them especially because it makes them feel contained. Yes, they sleep in our room at night. Beds are kept separate (although they have moved them together once... and some mornings I wake up to them in the same one lol)
Kongs- the one thing that will keep them occupied for longer than 5 minutes ;) My freezer is kept stocked with peanut butter stuffed kongs at all times.

Our fence is 6ft tall. If you plan on owning a pit bull or any medium-large size dog, I consider a tall fence as a necessity. My boys can jump higher than one would imagine. Side note: we were outside over the summer and I turned my head for just a second... when I turned back around Corrado had jumped so high he was IN OUR TREE. Mommy heart attack moment. I screamed for him to get down... he hasn't done it since lol!
And just for fun, here's a picture of the sign we have on the back of our fence (the dog kind of looks like Corrado, right?). I can't tell you how many times a neighbor has been in the ally and told me how much they love it.


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