Friday, January 10, 2014

Restaurant Review, The Black Olive

We had originally planned on having date night at Bond Street Social but that was before we knew that they closed to the public and were only serving a private party. Luckily, The Black Olive was only steps away and we had heard it was really good.

Name: The Black Olive

Location: 814 S. Bond Street, Baltimore, MD 21231 In Fells Point but out of the way from all of the bars and shops. It's located on a residential street and just blocks away from the inner harbor.

Prices: Our total bill was a little over $100 and we got: 2 cocktails priced around $11 each, 2 beers, calamari appetizer, and 2 entrees priced in the $30's for each. The appetizer was only served with 4 stuffed calamari and we thought that for the price it should have been served with 6 or 8.

Food: Our drinks were great, you could taste the alcohol in Jon's but not so much in mine. And I loved the fresh fruit floating at the top.

They start with putting bread, olives, and olive oil out. It was very tasty and the bread was fresh!  Then our appetizer came out. I've never had calamari grilled, usually just fried, but I was pleased with it especially because it was stuffed with feta cheese. We were so excited to try it that I forgot to take a picture.

I got the scallops and Jon got rockfish. Scallops tasted great but when I took a bite of the rockfish I have to say I was a little disappointed in my choice. The rockfish was simply amazing. He had it sautéed and you just can't go wrong. The chef's choice of side was garlic mashed sweet potato and it was so good that it melted in your mouth. Again, I forgot to take a picture because we were too excited to dig in!

Service: Our server was great and took the time to explain the menu to us. Most places I don't think it is necessary for a server to tell you about the food but here it was definitely needed. He told us that they are known for serving whole fish and that if you order one they will filet it right at your table. He served us ice water with our drinks without us having to ask (that is a biggie for me). He also gave us clean knives in-between our appetizer and entrée.

Ambiance: We sat at a corner table in the side room (we liked the feel of the main room just a little bit better... maybe because the round shaped bar is in that room). But the entire restaurant has such a cool feel- it is mixed with old time Greece and a modern setting. Tables were set with linens and the chairs were really comfy! And I loved the wood oven in the kitchen. P.S. you can see right into the kitchen.

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