Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wine & Wish {Featuring Donner's Vin Doux}


 Pressed from late-harvest, frozen Sauvignon Blanc grapes and barrel fermented in new French Oak, our Vin d’ Or exudes aromas of vanilla, honey and pineapple. Its natural sweetness is supported by a strict acid backbone that displays the entire flavor the grape has to offer.

Donner stared sadly at the holiday tree.
"The reindeers have their own wine...all except me"
When Santa heard of his friend's sad lament
An e-mail to the winemaker quickly was sent.
"We've made Christmas wines and it's been quite a blast
But truly I've save the best for the last.
A wine so delicious, so showered with fame
It just has to bear the great Donner's name"


Moving away from the traditional look of classic ski cabins, contemporary mountain retreats are embracing a whole new design style that seamlessly blends the modern with the rustic. Nestled in the snowy slopes of Colorado, this breathtaking getaway was designed by Morgante Wilson Architects for a family of passionate skiers, and the dwelling brings the comforts of an urban lifestyle to a relaxed, mountainside setting. Spread across three different levels and 3500 square feet, the fabulous home is perched atop a hillside and offers captivating views of the scenic landscape that surrounds it.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34

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