Thursday, June 12, 2014

Baltimore's Adoptable Dogs, June 2014

Ruger adoptable through Baltimore Bully Crew

Just like with human family birth order, there is an adoption order in rescue. There are first born types: over achievers, bar setting, perfectly well mannered dogs. The middle types, harder to get to know, quiet maybe, or looking for their place in the world. And the last child: loud, demanding attention, and can show off in a cute way. Of course, all types worthy of love.

Meet Ruger. He is a middle child type dog. People could walk right past him because he might not be sitting at attention or whining for attention. What he is doing is observing. Taking in the all the world has to offer with those soulful amber eyes. An amazing trait for such a young dog, don't you think? He may not steal the show, but that is only because he is working on stealing your heart. He has a story to share with you. One about being just the right dog for the unassuming, down to earth, friendly person. He is the dog that you realize you didn't know was missing in your life and can't remember what life was like without him until you meet him. Read part of his story here and then become his happily ever after. 

Ruger will be a great dog. I say "will" because he is still only a puppy. The best kind of puppy; over the potty training issues, baby teeth biting, and the I don't understand English so I'm going to tear up your house. Yet, he is motivated to learn more, and grow with you into an awesome adult dog who one day will just "get" you. He is just looking to be loved and to return that love.

He is the type of dog that cares about you because he already understands that his people will bring order to his life forever. His confidence will be strengthened by your committed leadership. What a gift you will give, by showing Ruger the world can be a marvelous place.

If anyone is looking for a young, goofy, adorable, and dog social puppy, please consider Ruger. He is adoptable through Baltimore Bully Crew.

Cari Ann adoptable through Bella's Bully Buddies

Cari Ann is a sweet, gentle 2-3 year old girl who is a total love bug! She is the kind of girl who likes to play a little fetch and then do a lot of snuggling. She would love to find a family who likes to stay home and be together. She is very good at: giving kisses and hugs, eating dinner out of her kibble dispensing toy while her family eats dinner, looking up at you like you are the only person she needs and asking for belly rubs. She is also doing wonderfully in her intensive obedience class. Cari Ann is a great family dog looking for her family! 
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Woody adoptable at Baltimore County Animal Shelter

This handsome young lad is about as cute as they come, with his cow spotted coat. Simply stunning. Woody is just a happy go lucky boy and already well mannered. He is an active boy and really wants someone who will take him on walks and play ball. He comes with a $50 coupon or training, from Doghouse Girls. He is one of our longest term dogs and we are very eager to get him out of the kennel so he can be a happy dog. Please consider Woody.


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