Friday, June 27, 2014

Five On Friday

1. We are having crabs tonight (surprise, surprise) and I'll be making my potato salad (by Jon's request... he loves it!) but I'll also be making some hummus pinwheels. Can't wait!

2. It's official- my dogs have more collars than I have fingers. Is that normal? Growing up we had maybe 2 collars for our family dog. But I just love switching their collars every so often! When I found these collars, I had to get them. They are adorable, waterproof, durable, and only $26 (no tax and free shipping!). Plus I went through ebates first so I earned money back on my purchase. Heck. Yeah.

3. I am still loving all of my complimentary #SurfsUpVoxBox products from Influenster! Want free items too? Contact me and I'll send you a personal invite :)

4. Speaking of the #SurfsUpVoxBox, I got my nails done yesterday with my new SinfulColors polish. It went on great and my manicurist even complimented it. Love!

5. Tomorrow, my sister and I will be having a yard sale at my house. We have tons of items to sell- some brand new! I hope it is a success :)

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