Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wedding Wednesday, My Bachelorette Party

Woohoo! I had THE BEST time at my bachelorette party even though it's safe to say I was one of the most sober girls at the end. That's okay! I liked that I was able to be up at 9am the next morning and my headache was completely gone by the time my sister and I went to get our nails done at noon.

My "throne" ;)

Speaking of my sister, she did an amazing job at planning my bachelorette party. My mom had a hand in the planning too! I arrived at my moms house around 7pm the Friday before my wedding. Most of the girls were there when I arrived and they surprised me with a "panty line" (lingerie hung from a clothes line)! I am so grateful for each and every single piece that my friends and family gifted me... everything was so cute!!

Meg, Courtney, Me, and Lena
(My dress is by Socialite and I got it from Nordstrom)

Meg, Angelena, Me, and Courtney

With my cousin and aunt

With my sisters

Once I arrived we all snacked on some food and sangria that my mom so graciously provided for everyone. Oh and my sister made adorable cookies with panties and bras decorated on them (PS. my grandmom was the first to dig into those- how funny!). And yes, my grandmother, aunt, mom and her friend, AND Jon's mom all attended my party (although my grandmother and aunt didn't join in on the limo ride to Annapolis... more on that later)!

My sister put together such a cool game for all of us to play before the limo came to pick us up. She made "Bachelorette superlatives" and each girl was given someone else's name to pick their superlative. We then revealed each girls superlative to them and then they had to take a "mug shot". Everyone was such good sports about what they were given and laughed it off!

Most likely to be the cause of the bride's meltdown, Jessica (sister of the bride and MOH).
Most likely to flirt with the best man, Kristin (cousin of the bride).
Most likely to set their table on fire/ knock over the centerpiece, Ruth (bride's grandmother).
Most likely to have their cell phone ring during the ceremony, Kim (bride's aunt).
Most likely to request the DJ to play the Th
ong Song, Lauren (mother of the bride's friend).
Most likely to send an anonymous adult gift, Courtney (friend of the bride).
Most likely to tackle someone to catch the bouquet, Bridget (friend of the bride).
Most likely to snatch two party favors, Katie (friend of groom's sister).
Most likely to be the next to tie the knot, Angelena (friend of the bride).
Most likely to be trashed before the reception, Heather (friend of the bride).
Most likely to give an embarrassing roast toast, Lena (friend of the bride)
Most likely to be late when the bride walks down the aisle, Lauren (groom's sister).
Most likely to have a wardrobe malfunction, Meg (friend of the bride).
Most likely to finger swoop the cake before it gets cut, Brandy (sister of the bride).
Most likely to photobomb the bride and groom, Karen (mother of the bride).

Most likely to cry during the ceremony, Susan (mother of the groom).

The limo arrived and we were headed to Annapolis around 8:30pm... arriving in Annapolis by 10pm! On the way we played more games. My sister had asked Jon questions beforehand and I had to answer those same questions. If I got it wrong, I had to drink. If I got it right, everyone else had to drink. Jon did such a good job at answering the questions and made everyone laugh when my sister read what he said. He's a comedian I swear!

With my sisters and cousin

With most of the group

In the limo with my sisters and cousin


Some of the group headed to Annapolis (Lauren, Katie, Jon's mom, Courtney, and Lena)

With my girls on the way there

Making fun of Meg because she puts her drink in front of people's faces when taking pics. Don't worry though, she makes sure she looks good ;)

I had such a good time bar hopping with all of my friends and family. It was the first time I ever saw my mom or Jon's mom in a bar (and it may have been the last)! ;)

I don't normally do shots but I like red headed sluts (Ps. how raunchy is the name of that shot?)


Trying to get a shot of everyone

Heather, Courtney, and Bridge

Kristin and Jessica

My mom and her lovely friend, Lauren

Lena, Me, Heather, Courtney, Bridge, and Meg

My sister, MOH, and the wonderful party planner

Bridge and Heather

Courtney and I

Leaving Annapolis!

With Jon's sister and her sweet friend Katie on the way home

Incase any of my girls are reading, I just want to thank each and every one of you that attended- you made my night and you all mean so much to me. Thank you Jessica for all of your hard work! Love you.


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