Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Recap

Thursday night Jon and I had dinner at Woodberry Kitchen. We were told it would be life changing. Was it? No. But it WAS good. In short, here is our review- location was random and for being in the city, it was in the middle of no where but the place was beautiful. They are a reservation only restaurant. So if you don't have a reservation and they are booked, your only option is to eat in the bar area or wait until there are no reservations which was about an hour and a half (I'm sure on a Friday or a Saturday, they will be completely booked)... so we ate at the bar. The farmers daughter drink was good (they have a great cocktail menu)! We got 3 appetizers- 2 were amazing the other was just okay and over priced. The dressing on the leaf salad was bland but the scallop potatoes were to die for. Jon got a steak and he said it was good but not the best he's ever had.

The gorgeous pool outside of the restaurant.

You must try the garlic appetizer!

Farmers daughter

Friday night I kept it low key and caught up on all of the shows I had recorded on my DVR. Oh and I reused the chalkboard seating chart from my wedding and made a new sign that will be hung at the top of my staircase. Love!

Saturday I headed downtown with my parents to watch the Blue Angels do their thang. We stood in the rain for about an hour and a half but it finally stopped and they were able to do their show. Afterwards, we had dinner at Mama's (the restaurant Jon works at). It was delicious as always!

The only shot I got

I wasn't afraid to look like an idiot to protect my ears ;)

Sunday Jon and I headed out for some drinks and food before he had to work. I got my absolute favorite greek flatbread from CVP's. So delic! 

The weather was a bit chilly so I was able to wear the new cut out sweater I got from Venus. You can find it here. I ordered a couple of new fall clothes so I'm excited to break out them out over the next couple of weeks. I just love love love Fall

I plan to wear this in New York for the Eric Church concert in October! (PS. thanks hubby for the most amazing 25th birthday present)

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