Thursday, November 20, 2014

Restaurant Review, Fork and Wrench

Name: Fork and Wrench

Location: 2322 Boston Street Baltimore, MD 21224 I wouldn't call it the Canton area and I wouldn't call it the Fells Point area... it's right in between! If you know where the Captain James Restaurant is (you can't really miss it), it's a block from there. Your only option for parking is the street or valet (not complimentary).

{Absolutely gorgeous outside}

Prices: Our total bill was only about $70 but we decided to do a couple of appetizers and some drinks rather than a normal dinner where we would split an appetizer and each get an entree.

Each appetizer was $12-$15 and the proportions were large. In fact Jon got the pork belly appetizer and it looked like an entree! 

Food: We started out splitting the fried oysters which were just okay... we've had better. We weren't a fan of the lemon aioli because we thought the lemon flavor was too strong. The pickled chiles were great with it though (and not spicy). 

Jon got the pork belly which was delicious! Served on top of a bed of mashed potatoes and some marinated grapes. He thought the grapes would be too sweet but he ended up loving them! And I did too! He got so full from this that we didn't get anything else to eat like we planned.

I got the cheese board (because I thought we were going to get something else after that lol). It was a generous size... I've been to places where they only give small portions of cheese but this wasn't the case. I had 3 to choose from with a yummy jam, olives, and toasted bread. I enjoyed the cheese but the blue cheese was a bit strong for my liking. I'm sure others would disagree.

Ambiance: A cute eclectic place... very small! It was hard to get a drink at the bar while we waited for our table because I felt like I was in the way- servers were trying to get to their tables. We were seated upstairs in a little side room where it was actually pretty dark. I didn't mind but it was hard to get good pictures! Tables were set with linen napkins and a candle. Our server brought us water right away and was very attentive the entire time but I thought he could have been a little friendlier. I noticed that the employees all help each other and seem to have a good comradery. No complaints as far as service goes! And I can say we will probably be back next Spring or Summer to try out the new menu since it changes seasonally :)

{The cute booths on the main floor... see how close they are to the bar? No standing room}

{The view from our table}


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