Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Recap

Good morning! So I had a $300 Michael Kors gift card giveaway scheduled for this morning but it has been postponed until tomorrow... so sorry about that everyone- check back here tomorrow morning so that you can enter for your chance to win :)

Now onto the weekend recap! I love Halloween... always have. We started out at Jon's sisters house to see his nephew and niece in their costumes. I made pumpkin dip and it was so so good! We had a great time with the kids and trick or treating with them. 

{Jon with his sister, Lauren and niece, Emma}

{Taking Emma to get candy}

Around 9pm we headed downtown with some friends. This year was mine and my husbands first Halloween as a married couple so we decided to go as Jax and Tara from Sons of Anarchy. Do ya'll watch that show? We are obsessed with it. Tara actually died last season when her mother in law (Jax's mom) brutally murdered her. My plan was to make it look like I was stabbed in the back of the neck but leave it to me to wait until the last minute and I couldn't find anything at the Halloween stores. SOOOO I just dressed like a biker girl with a SOA shirt and I wrapped my hand because Tara's hand was hurt. 

{"Jax" and "Tara"}

{"Lyla" and "Opie"}

For those of you local to the Baltimore area- have you been downtown for Halloween? Usually we go to Fed Hill but this year we decided to do Fells Point... BAD IDEA! We definitely won't be doing that again. But as always, we were able to have a good time and enjoy ourselves. 

{There was a bench in the bar so naturally we decided to act like it was a motorcycle and take some cheasy pictures}

{It was right about then that Jon decided he didn't like the way his vest was fitting him... so him and Brian aka Opie switched vests}

{Can't take these guys anywhere I swear ;) }

{They decided they should really get into character for all of the pictures so please don't be alarmed... I promise they don't always look this mad!}

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