Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday

1. My husband and I will be going to Jamaica for our honeymoon and I will need guest bloggers from Monday December 29th to Friday January 2nd. If you are a blogger and are interested in doing a guest post, please contact me here! It's a great way to reach out to new readers and generate more followers :)

2. Speaking of honeymoon... we just paid our balance and it reminded me of just how close it is... 43 days away! I got this suit from Tommy Bahama (but as a bandeau top) and I can't wait to wear it. What are your go-to shops for cute bikinis and beachwear?

3. I just can't help it... this music video absolutely cracks me up! haha

4. Both my husband and I worked the heck out of our jobs this week (in 5 days my husband actually worked 7 full shifts) and tonight we babysit our niece so you know Saturday night we will be treating ourselves! I'm thinking we'll try Fork and Wrench?

5. It seems like decorating early for Christmas is a trend this year. Scrolling through instagram I keep seeing Christmas trees! Mine might have to make an appearance next week ;) I'm going with a blue and white theme and using these as inspiration...

Joining these 3 link ups...

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