Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Home, Christmas Tour 2014

 Welcome to my home. Let's start in the main living area, shall we?

{I went real simple with our Christmas tree. Just a few blue and white balls with a beautiful angel on top!}

{My parents gifted us this pre-lit tree and although it is larger than we are used to for our small house, we absolutely love it and are so thankful}

{No gifts under this tree because my dog likes to help himself! Yes, one year I had to rewrap every single gift because he decided to open them while I was at work.}

{I am in love with our tree skirt}

{I took a wooden wreath from Joanns, threw on a white flower and a dollar store "North Pole" sign, and I think it looks adorable hanging from my authentic whiskey barrel aka my tv stand}

{I found this cheesy garland in one of our  Christmas boxes and thought why not wrap it around the banister! Who cares if it's corny, right!?}


{I love, love, love this candle holder. The shape of the wings reminds me of Santa's sleigh!}

{My dining room table centerpiece. Fun fact: the greenery is real and smells SO good}

And now moving to the basement {aka the Ravens "fan cave"}...

{We love our Charlie Brown Christmas tree}

 {And this is the tree we keep the gifts under. So no doggies decide to help themselves to people's gifts lol}

{Can you tell my husband is a musician? Hence the amp, speakers, and sound equipment every where}

{My basement guest bathroom is a work in progress so please disregard}

{My mom gifted me these hand made Ravens hand towels one year and I look forward to putting them out each Christmas. They are perfect for our Ravens guest bathroom}

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