Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Holiday Survival Kit {+ Man Crates}

What’s getting you through this holiday season? It can be stressful can’t it!? Parties, gifts, decorating, baking, holiday cards… I’m a perfectionist and the stress of making everything perfect tends to get to me. So I’m using these items to get me through:

1. Cozy socks to snuggle up in the evenings when I’m exhausted

2. Vinho verde- only THE BEST wine and THE PERFECT stress reliever

3. Ebates (ya’ll know I rave about this website all the time!) so that I can earn $ back on the gifts I buy

4. Christmas movies to give me that holiday cheer

My Holiday Survival Kit {+ Man Crates}

Lipsy socks
$19 -

On top of all the typical holiday stress, I always get frantic about finding a gift for Jon. He's so picky. One year out of panic, I got him a neck massager. Yes, a neck massager. True story people. I'll never live that one down. To this day he teases me about that horrible gift.

Enter Man Crates. The perfect gift for the men in your lives. And so unique that your recipient must open their gift with a crow bar!!! How cool is that? Man Crates contacted me a week or two ago about their Holiday Survival Kit project and I just fell in love with their company! And so did Jon… his favorite is the Sriracha Crate. Check it out, it’s perfect for the hot sauce lovers in your life :)


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