Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wedding Wednesday, The Bridal Party

I did a post before the wedding, introducing ya'll to my bridal party (you can find it here). Each of these people mean the world to us and I think they deserve another shout out. So without further ado, meet our bridal party:

The Groomsmen {From left to right: James- groomsman (brother of the bride), Mike- best man (brother of the groom), Jon- groom, Logan- ring bearer (nephew of the groom), Tom- groomsman (brother in law of the groom), and Josh- groomsman (best friend of the groom)}

The Bridesmaids {From left to right: Londin- junior bridesmaid (niece of the bride), Brandy- bridesmaid (sister of the bride), Justine- bride, Jessica- maid of honor (sister of the bride), Angelena- bridesmaid (best friend of the bride), and Lauren- bridesmaid (sister of the groom)}

How we chose our bridal party: This can be a touchy subject for some. For Jon and I, we can each count our friends on our 2 hands. That's the way we like it. I prefer to have quality over quantity when it comes to the people I get to choose as family. Yes, my friends are like family to me. Considering our small (compared to some people) amount of friends and the fact that our wedding was 100 guests, we chose for our bridal party to be small as well. It was quiet simple really; we chose our siblings, our best friends, and our niece and nephew. Perfection.

How did you choose your bridal party? Future bride's: do you have your bridal party picked out already? I'm curious.

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