Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wedding Wednesday, The Reception

After our photo session during cocktail hour, my new husband and I (along with my mom and some others) headed up to the room so that I could get ready for the reception. I took off my veil, added a beautiful gold belt, and bustled my dress. We snacked on a few hors d'oeuvres and had a quick glass of champagne before heading back down to be announced. 

Our reception was pretty typical... the bridal party was announced, we went into our first dance, prayed, had dinner, finished dinner with the maid of honor and best man speeches, danced, took more pictures, did the father of the bride and mother of the groom dances, did the bouquet and garter toss, cut our cake, and danced some more. It was over before I could even blink! A night I hope to never forget!

{Parents of the Bride}

{Parents of the Groom}

{Ring bearer and Junior bridesmaid- Logan and Londin}

{Bridesmaid and Groomsman- Lauren and Tom}

{Bridesmaid and Groomsman- Brandy and James}

{We are missing a photo of bridesmaid and groomsman- Angelena and Josh}

{Maid of Honor and Best Man- Jessica and Mike}

{Mr. and Mrs. Jon Ciemny!}

{First dance}

{Maid of Honor speech}

{Best Man speech}

{Father daughter dance}

{Mother son dance}

{Parents of the Bride}

{Parents of the Groom}

{Grandparents of the Bride}

{Our sign at the Vandiver}

{Grandmother of the Groom}

{Cake cutting ceremony}

{Bouquet toss}

{Garter toss}

{One of my best friends and my cousin caught them!}

{Logan was the life of the party}

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