Thursday, March 12, 2015

Eric Church in DC

Jon and I share a love for Erich Church... he's one of the few artists/bands that we are both crazy about. We last saw him in New York for my 25th birthday and it was one of the best times of our lives! So when we found out he would be playing by us in DC, we decided to get tickets... even though we just saw him a few months prior. 2 friends of ours joined and we had a blast. A perfect way to spend a mini getaway.

Our night started out at Graffiato for happy hour food and drinks! I have to say the food was delicious (and very reasonably priced) and they make really great cocktails (although those were a little pricey).

{DC mules}

{Egg salad crostini}

We moved on to a bar next to the Verizon Center for one more beer before heading in. We were settled in our seats with a few minutes to spare before Eric came out. He absolutely did not disappoint! But I do have to say, his show at Madison Square Garden was better. Maybe it was because we had better seats then? Who knows? :)

{These boots...}

Great night with friends. Great concert. Great time away from work. The next morning we checked out of our hotel and grabbed a quick lunch before heading back home. We stopped in at Oyamel on a whim. Um best mexican food! A very close second to my absolute favorite mexican spot, Anejo in New York. If you are ever in DC or New York, I highly recommend trying those two spots.

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