Wednesday, March 25, 2015

MissionCute March 2015

I received March's MissionCute box last week and it is benefiting 3Seams!!! 3seams is a social enterprise dedicated to creating jobs in the developing world. 3seams, Incorporated is our 501(c)(3) organization that establishes locations, plants programming, and facilitates all training for our various programs around the world. 3seams Global is our LLC that takes care of all supply purchasing, payment of labor, and marketing/sales of our product lines. This means that 100% of your tax-deductible donations will go directly to growing our programs on the ground and facilitating the start up of new ones! Through the art of sewing, men and women are being taught skills that can change the trajectory of their future and the future of their family.  By creating a product line that can be sold in their local market place or in the United States, they are learning skills that will set them up for a lifetime in the textile industry. 3seams is a organization dedicated to two issues.  First, we are passionate about JOB CREATION in the developing world…bringing new found HOPE, through employment, to those caught in the grips of poverty.  Secondly, we are committed to creating opportunities for people, just like YOU, to purchase top quality products and truly make a difference through the purchase. Our hope is to also create a platform for families to discuss global issues at home. Whether through our product, through our blog, or through a Stateside event, we are committed to making a difference both in America and in the developing world.

What a great cause, right!? The thing that I love most about MissionCute is that 50% of net proceeds go to a different charity each month. Pretty amazing if you ask me. So by becoming a member, you receive tons of cute goodies AND you give back all at the same time!!! Win, win.

Now moving on to THE BOX. Lots of cuteness that I'm excited to use, especially the boho twist which can be worn a few different ways!

If there aren't already so many great reasons to join MissionCute, here's one more: each item is from a small business! Starting at just $17 a month, you can be a member. Please follow my personal invite.

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