Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Restaurant Review, Oyamel in DC

Name: Oyamel

Location: 401 7th Street NW Washington DC In the Penn Quarter at the corner of 7th and D. Parking is on the street (fee per hour) unless you want to reserve a spot on a lot for a flat fee ($11-$22). See the Oyamel website for that.

Prices: Our total bill was $77 and we got 2 margaritas, a soda, chips and salsa, queso dip, and 2 dishes each. Overall pricing was mediocre... I wouldn't say it was high and I wouldn't say it was cheap either. The food is top quality and I think the pricing was right on considering that. 

Food: We started off with 2 Oyamel margaritas ($12 a piece) and they were delicious... basically a classic margarita but with "salt air" (which was a first for us) instead of a salt rim. The salt air was so cool and lasted the entire drink. With each sip, you got the perfect amount of salt flavor! I think for the size, it could have been a dollar or two cheaper.

{Please excuse the bags under my eyes and the messy hair... the Eric Church concert was the night before! ;) }

It was recommended by our server that each person get 3 dishes since they serve small plates. With that being said, we split queso and salsa as our "appetizer" and then each got 2 dishes.... we were so full and each had 1 dish to take home. So it is my suggestion that each person start out by ordering 2 dishes and then 1 more if you are still hungry.

Moving on to what we ordered. The "Queso fundido con tequila" ($8) was delicious but we preferred eating it with tortilla chips rather than the tortilla shells that it was served with. It was perfectly cheesy and not spicy (mix with salsa if you like spicy). 

I ordered the "Taco de hongos con crema" ($4) and "Frijoles Rebosero enchilados" ($10)... both were great but the taco knocked it out of the park. I totally recommend it to vegetarians and meat lovers alike! The taco was filled with mushrooms and shallots while the frijoles dish was a mix of beans and vegetables. 

Jon went with the "Gorditas de pato" ($12) and "Quesadilla de chicharrones" ($8.50). He says the gorditas knocked it out of the park for him and reminded him of a dish that he gets at Anejo (our all time favorite mexican restaurant). The gorditas were topped with duck confit while the quesadilla was filled with pork belly.

Ambiance: I don't even know how to describe the decor. I feel like it was really artsy and fun! Definitely a casual place but they had a room in the back with darker lighting and different decor for more formal events. There's a large bar, 2 open dining spaces, a small corner bar, and then the back room. It's a huge place but trust me, it fills up! You might consider making a reservation because there were only a few tables left on a Wednesday around 1pm. Our server was great and made the best recommendations for us as well as describing the food to us in detail. She highly recommended the guacamole a few times but Jon isn't really a fan so we passed. Come to find out, they come to the table and make the guacamole in front of you! I was so jealous when I saw another table order it. The next time we are there (and there WILL be a next time!), I'm definitely ordering the guacamole!!!

{The table behind us who ordered guacamole... #jealy}

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