Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Restaurant Review, Ryleigh's Oyster House

Name: Ryleighs Oyster House

Location: 22 W Padonia Road Timonium, Maryland 21093 in the middle of a business park. Yes, a business park. It is the most random and awkward location. You might miss it if you drive by and don't see the signs for it. For being in Timonium, it is convenient in the fact that it is right by an 83 exit so you can easily travel from Towson, downtown Baltimore, or northern Maryland. Ryleigh's also has a location in Federal Hill.

Prices: Our total bill was $68 and we got 4 beers (2 Michelob's and 2 loose canons), crab dip appetizer ($14), crab cake sandwich ($15), and lobster roll ($18). I was going to get a glass of wine but they were $9-$11 (I like to pay around $7 for a glass of house wine at a casual restaurant) and their crushes were $8 (I like to get crushes when they are on happy hour for $5). Go ahead, call me cheap ;)

Food: The crab dip was really good! Not too creamy or thick and had a lot of crab meat in it. Although Jon and I think it was all claw meat, not jumbo lump. It was only served with 4 pieces of bread so we had to ask for more. But the dip was enough for us to take about half home.

The crab cake sandwich was a good size and served with tartar sauce and spinach. The tartar sauce was REALLY sweet. Looking back, I would have asked for it on the side. My sandwich was served with fries. We asked for sides of ranch to dip our fries in. It took them a while to bring it out to the table but when it arrived it was well worth the wait. Their ranch is home made on the spot!

Jon got the lobster roll and it was really tasty and served with crispy onions on top. The lobster was inside a roll that reminded me of a grilled cheese... very buttery and oh so good. Some places serve lobster rolls cold and open faced.  We liked that this one was served warm and in a roll.

Ambiance: We sat on the outside terrace. Like I said, the restaurant is in a business park so it was kind of awkward sitting outside next to a weight loss companies office. Tables were wood, chairs were metal, and tables were set with linen napkins. Our server did not bring us waters when we sat down (even though when we got there, there were 2 glass specifically for water- they sat empty the entire meal) but other than that, she was attentive. All in all, food was good but I'm not running back. Maybe it was the atmosphere and I'd have a different perspective had we gone to the one in Federal Hill?

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