Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Recap

As always, my weekend revolved around dogs... story of my life I swear! But hey, I'm not complainin'

Friday night Jon and I had dinner at San Sushi Too in Towson. We sat at the bar and had the best time watching the chefs make everything.

Bright and early Saturday morning I headed to BARCS for the vaccine clinic. When I got there the line was already wrapped around the building and starting to wrap around the dog runs. Boy was it hectic trying to make sure everything ran smoothly.

But then it got even more hectic. At around 9:30am a police officer brought in a dog that had been in an accident with her family on I-95. The family was being medevaced and the dog needed to be immediately seen by a vet. I emergency transported her to Essex Middle River Veterinary Center. Prayers for her and her family!

Sunday was spent doing yard work and playing with my dogs. How handsome is this boy?

Harley is so hard to get a picture of... he is camera shy (seriously.) and runs away when I try to snap one. Here we are torturing him for a picture lol!

And now it's Monday morning and back to work. I just love sitting in traffic on 695 ;) especially when it's so backed up that I can't even merge onto it! I hope this week goes by fast.

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