Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter Basket Blog Hop Part 2

Last week I shared the Easter baskets I put together for Corrado and Harley but I just realized that I never got the chance to share the basket I put together for Jon. 

I had such a hard time finding a manly basket. I somewhat accomplished this with the orange and blue but there IS some pink in there :/ oh well!

His Easter basket contains some candy essentials- Reese's eggs and peeps! As well as some summer essentials- Burt's bees Chapstick and old spice Fiji body wash. I finished off with some of Jon's favorites- gourmet blackened seasoning, red bull, and some spicy jalapeño Doritos. 

Want to link up? You simply share the Easter egg logo below in your post along with a few photos of the basket you put together .....whether that be for your minis, husbands, pups or whomever!! Link back to this post so your readers can stop by and check out everyone's fun Easter baskets!

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