Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday

A whole bunch of randomness!

1. I love reading the Little Baby Garvin blog but then again, who doesn't!? She posted a contest for only her instagram followers last weekend. All you had to do was tag a friend for a chance to win these cute koozies. I took a chance and tagged my sister hoping that we would win but expecting that we wouldn't... because I'm never THAT lucky. And what do ya know..... WE WON. I am so so so excited! Follow jlgarvin on instagram because you never know when she'll post another contest :)

You can purchase these koozies here and here

2. Looking forward to this Summer when I can wear my recent Hope's purchases! Ladies- I shop online at Hope's allllll the time. Everything (no matter how much or how little) is free shipping and no tax. If you have a Hope's representative you will receive 10% off each order. AND they are constantly offering flash sales. Great online store... check it out.

3. I mentioned this in a post over the weekend but I figured it was worth mentioning twice, maybe even three times ;) Ever heard of Uber? Friends of ours have been talking about it and I read more about it on A. Liz Adventures. With this app, you can request (in certain cities, Baltimore being one of them) a cab or a black Town car right from your phone. Here's why this app is going to change the world:
  • You can get an exact estimate of how long it will take the cab or black car to reach your destination
  • You can get an estimate of the ride fare
  • You pre-load your payment info, so when the ride comes, you just hop in and hop out -- even tip is already included in the estimated cost. No payment = SAFETY in my book.
  • You can read the ratings and see the license plate number of the car and driver that is coming to get you
  • You can track the car's GPS location as they make their way to you and as you head to your destination right there on the app
  • They have an awesome referral program so that you can earn rides! You can enter code "pi1m5" to earn three free rides from me. Seriously!
Just a few weeks ago Jon and I waited an hour for a cab to take us to dinner... only for it to not show up. But I can assure you that won't be happening any longer because we will no longer be using old school cab companies that you have to call!!! With Uber there is no waiting on the line for 5 minutes to order a cab. So, I recommend that you pause your reading now and start downloading this free app ;)

4. Added an adorable round mirror and framed picture to a blank wall in my master bedroom. I had my eye on this framed picture at Pottery Barn but just can't seem to accept the price. So I decided to shop my own house and found these 2 pieces that were just laying around!

5. If you follow me on instagram you may have seen this photo I posted last night. Little Charlie the yorkie came over for a play date! (You can follow me at justine_ball)

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