Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Basket Blog Hop

I'm linking up with The Good Life Blog to share the Easter baskets I put together this year. I do not have any children (yet) but I do have two special dogs to spoil!

So without further ado, let me show you their Easter baskets. They each got a summer essential... life jackets! They love to swim but one of them (aka Harley) isn't so good at it- Last year he nearly gave mama a heart attack.  And so enter doggy life jackets! They also each got a kong toy (not that they don't already have a huge basket full of toys or anything) and a bag of treats :)

They love squeak toys and I thought "why not get them these?". Well, I'm kind of regretting that- These kong squeak toys are SO LOUD. You can find them here and here. My dogs absolutely love them and in the meantime I'll just deal with the annoyance!

Harley was camera shy again and wouldn't let me get a picture of him with his new toy.

Want to link up? You simply share the Easter egg logo below in your post along with a few photos of the basket you put together .....whether that be for your minis, husbands, pups or whomever!! Link back to this post so your readers can stop by and check out everyone's fun Easter baskets!

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