Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wardrobe Organization

It was approximately 4:00am one early morning when Jon and I were awakened by a loud noise. We have an alarm system and 2 dogs (one will alert us at any and every strange sound).  The alarm didn't go off and the dogs weren't on alert so we knew it wasn't a stranger trying to break in. To be honest, I just figured my cat Duke had knocked something really big over. So we decided to keep sleeping. The next morning I completely forgot about the large noise until I walked into one of my guest rooms, the one that we use as our "big closet". Turns out the rack that held all of my dresses along with some other things had fallen over. My stuff was so heavy that it actually bent the metal bar. Time to reorganize! 

BEFORE: The closet in our master bedroom held some of my boots on the top shelf, most of my tops with a little shelving system in the center that holds my camisoles & bathing suites are on the top rack, and Jon's tops are on the bottom rack.

BEFORE: This is the rack that held my dresses, a shelving system for Jon's hats and my scarves & gloves, and some of my purses hung on the ends.

BEFORE: This is my shoe rack. Jon once told me that when I fill it up I'm not allowed to buy any more shoes... haha, yeah right!

*I'll do an entire tour of the spare bedroom aka "big closet" next week where I'll also show you my old desk turned vanity and the day bed.

AFTER: This is the closet in our master bedroom. Most of my boots are still on the top shelf (I was able to squeeze another pair up there when I decided to finally say goodbye to my gray UGGS that my dog chewed up last year), my tops are still on the top rack with the shelving system, all of Jon's shirts used to be on the bottom rack but I put my shorter dresses on the left side and moved his stuff to the right side. He still has so many shirts that I need to get hangers for.

AFTER: This is the rack that now holds only my longer dresses.

AFTER: This is my shoe rack. I was running out of space so I decided to put my flip flops in a basket. There's still space on the rack for 4 more pairs of shoes!

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