Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Restaurant Review, San Sushi Too

Name: San Sushi Too

Location: 10 West Pennsylvania Avenue Towson, Maryland 21204 Located in Towson Maryland convenient to the courthouses, businesses, bars, Towson Town Mall, and Towson University. There is plenty of street parking which is free after 6pm Monday- Friday and there is a lot behind the building.

Prices: Our total bill was $64 and we got 2 glasses of pinot grigio, 2 craft beers, shrimp wonton appetizer, spicy beef salad, "Dewalt" sushi, and the "Grace Gordon" roll. We had a living social deal which we paid $15 to get $30 worth of food so that night we really only spent $34 plus tip for this meal.

Food: The shrimp wonton appetizer had 4 large wontons and a lot of flavor (I think they could have been crispier). It was served with a great dipping sauce. The sauce was thin, not creamy, and was a bit sweet.

The spicy beef salad is a must try. Jon got this and it was sooooo good. It is really spicy though so beware. When he was finished eating it, he was sweating a little ;) I don't eat meat but I tried a bite without beef.... delicious! The jalapeno slices and parsley make it taste so fresh. 

The "Dewalt" sushi was served in a bowl with peppered rare tuna, mango slices, cucumber slices, minced garlic, and a sauce that had a spice to it... I believe the sauce was vinegar based.

The Grace Gordon roll was my favorite- Shrimp, crab meat, avacado, scallions, and minced garlic. Mmmmm soo good!

Ambiance: We sat at the bar and had the best time watching the chefs make everything. It was amazing how talented they are and how fast they work. Bruce was really friendly and kept us entertained! He accidentally added a spicy sauce to someone else's roll and offered it to us for free (heck yes! we don't mind spicy). Lee was the other chef- he takes his work seriously and is really talented. We truly enjoyed our time. Places were set with paper napkins, a ramekin for soy sauce, and chop sticks (we had to ask for forks and knives because we aren't that skilled lol). Our server was just mediocre and wasn't efficient in getting us our second round of drinks... we had to get his attention more than once. Although he did serve us waters without us having to ask! One last thing to add- I love that their walls are all chalkboard and they have their special sushi rolls written all over. Too much to choose from- if you can't find something you don't like then you must be crazy! 

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