Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday the Positives and Negatives of My Week

Ever have one of those ups and downs kinda weeks? Yeah that was my week over here.

1. + Wedding invitations arrived on Wednesday!! Now I know I'm getting a little ahead of myself since they don't need to go out for a good while but I just wanted to be able to check them off of my longgggg list of things to do. I ordered them online from Wedding Paper Divas and used the coupon code "TKNOT0414" for 15% off plus since I went through Ebates, they paid me $11.82 back. I am so excited about my invitations because they match my wedding website. You can check out my website here :)

2. - I did way too much  laying around. My fiance was sick and throwing up for 2 days so maybe that had something to do with it? Either way I hate feeling lazy especially since during the week I'm only home for a few hours at night anyways; So I'd rather be actually doing something. Time to make up for my laziness this weekend!

3. - Every single day this week at work seemed to last a gazillionnnnn hours. Definitely needed coffee to get me through the end of each work day :(

4. - I picked out a gorgeous nail color by OPI except for when it actually dried, it looked nothing like what it did in the bottle. I was so disappointed! (and of course did not want to be a pain and ask the nail technician to repaint my nails) Not that it looks terrible or anything... it's just not my color. I prefer something a little lighter and more pink. This color would look really good around Christmas time though!

5. + You may have seen my post from yesterday... I'm already moving on to the next holiday, Cinco de Mayo!!! With my new chalkboard printable in my frame, I'm getting super pumped and created a new board on Pinterest for all of my festive ideas- check it out here!!! 

All in all the positives will ALWAYS outweigh the negatives and my negatives really aren't that bad anyway! Just thought it'd be a fun little thing to compare on this Five on Friday :)

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