Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wedding Wednesday, The Name Change Process?

For this Wedding Wednesday I wanted to get some help and suggestions from all of you who have gone through the name change process. I know that it varies by city and state but for the most part I have heard it is a pretty lengthy process.

I heard a horror story of a girl who got married and changed her name but forgot to change the name on her passport. So when she was on a trip overseas and was trying to re-enter the United States, customs wouldn't let her through.

My wedding is on August 31st, 2014 and we are leaving the country for our honeymoon on December 28, 2014. I do not have a passport yet. So my question to you is, should I:

A. Change my name immediately after the wedding and then get my passport with my new name on it. Will there be enough time to get that done?


B. Get my passport with my current name and wait to change my name until after our honeymoon. When we get back I then change my name and get a new passport with my new name?

Has anyone been married in Maryland and then changed their name? If so, I found this information. Can you tell me if that is accurate? Thanks so much and I really appreciate any comments/suggestions you may have :)

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