Friday, February 5, 2016

Five on Friday

1. You guys, it's Friday and I'm so excited not only because the weekend is near but because... {drum roll please}

Meander Patterned Cardigan

2. I'm going to Aruba for Spring Break and I can't wait! We officially booked our trip yesterday! What are some must do's and must see's in Aruba?

3. Another thing I'm excited about? Remember my post about my blinds dilemma? Well the ones I decided to go with have arrived and Jon will be installing them tomorrow!! Stay tuned for pictures...


4. Valentine's Day is coming and April reminded me about The Bouqs when she posted about it earlier this week. The Bouqs is a cut to order and eco friendly flower delivery service starting at just $40... and unlike most florists, they do not charge a delivery fee!!! If ordering flowers for loved ones this holiday, I highly recommend trying The Bouqs.

5. I am looking to swap buttons/sidebar ads with 2-3 more bloggers. Your ad will be on my sidebar for at least a month if not longer. If you are interested in swapping with me, please leave a comment below or email me. I look forward to collaborating with you!!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34
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