Monday, February 29, 2016

Iron Rooster {Restaurant Feature\Review}

Saturday morning, Jon and I had brunch at the Iron Rooster. It was our first time dining there so I'm excited to share our experience with you all! Our goal was to get there around 9 or 10am but we decided to sleep in and take our time getting ready so we didn't actually get there until noon... when they were having a little rush. I'm not sure what the crowd would have been like if we got there earlier like planned. We were told the wait for 2 was around 30 to 45 minutes. Since we were looking forward to eating there, we decided to stay and head to the bar for a drink in the meantime. As luck would have it, a couple was getting up from their seats so we sat down and just decided to dine at the bar!


Location: 3721 Boston Street Baltimore, MD. The restaurant is located in Canton Crossing, a newer shopping center with other restaurants, a grocery store, and a few retail stores. On a Saturday the parking lot gets packed so you may have to park near one of the retail stores and walk {not far}.

Prices: I think some things on the menu were overpriced while others were priced just right! For instance, we spent $17 on just two drinks!!! Jon got the "Raging Rooster" priced at $9 and I got the "Iron Crush" priced at $8. But a fresh 2 egg breakfast with meat, homefries, and toast is just $9.95 and their specialty homemade pop-tarts are just $5.95. So all in all I'd have to say if you go there definitely do not get one of their cocktails. If you want an alcoholic beverage I guess you're better off getting one of their draft beers priced at $6


Food: We ordered a "chicken and {puffy} dumplings" as an appetizer to split. There's no description on the menu so I assumed it was going to be a bowl of classic chicken n' dumplings... you know, creamy. But I was wrong. It was more like a chicken noodle soup but without noodles and dumplings instead. A sure shock when it first came out but after tasting it mmmmmm it was so good! For our meals Jon went with the breakfast tacos and I decided to get the ranchers benny. I was very pleased with my meal and would get it again. The home fries that come as a side are simple but delicious. Jon was a tad disappointed when his came out because the menu read "pork belly" but when his dish came out it was just regular sliced bacon. When we've been to other restaurants usually pork belly means a thicker, chunkier cut {almost like large cubes} of bacon. He said the tacos tasted good and he quickly got over that initial disappointment. We were too full to try one of the pop-tarts but we will be back for that because those looked really yummy and everyone raves about them!

Ambiance: Since we ended up dining at the bar, that was our only view {haha}! But it was a very nice bar with plenty of room to eat. Don't you hate when you go to a bar and feel cramped? I didn't feel that way at all. The restaurant had tables and booths. The booths were huge and can accommodate parties of 8 or less. There's an upstairs and if you eat up there, you can look down on the entire main dining room which is pretty cool! I think they are going for a country kitchen feel with a modern flare which they accomplished pretty well. Our bartender was really sweet and although he was busy, he never looked stressed. He served us waters with our alcoholic drinks without me having to ask {which I really love}! And asked our food was, immediately when it came out. Overall we had great service and enjoyed the atmosphere!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34
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