Wednesday, February 10, 2016

#TacoTuesday with a tequila sunrise! {Recipe}

Mexican food is my favorite and lately Jon has been on board with me! We've adapted #tacoTuesday into our meal routine and I have to say I'm not complaining. We normally just stick with classic tacos (seasoned beef) and sometimes Jon does his amazing chicken tacos (I promise I'll get around to sharing that recipe) but last night we twisted things up a bit by making tequila sunrises to go with our tacos! I know, we get crazy right? ;) 



Here's what you'll need for a tequila sunrise:
1. Silver tequila
2. Orange juice
3. Grenadine
4. 1 sliced orange to garnish {optional}

In an old fashioned glass I used 1.5 ounces of tequila {1 shot}, a splash of grenadine, and then filled the rest with orange juice. Simple, quick, and oh so delicious. Although it's no where close to being Cinco de Mayo yet, follow my board on Pinterest if you're interested in all things Mexican like I am!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34
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