Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Four Survey {About me}

I was nominated by Caitlin at Collectively Caitlin to complete the four things survey! I think I did something similar to this once but to be honest with you I can't remember... So here we go! My four things survey! 

Four Names People Call  Me Other Than My Real Name:
1. Babe {Obviously Jon is the one who calls me this}
2. Tine {Most friends and family call me this}
3. Bubba {My little sister and brother called me this growing up}
4. Teens {My older sister calls me this}

{My younger sister, brother, and me with our childhood dog}

Four Jobs I’ve Had:
1. Vice Controller {Currently}
2. Intern {At a mental institution in college. My major was health care management}
3. Hostess {At Outback Steakhouse in high school}
4. McDonalds {My first job ever. Taught me a lot!}

Four Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once:
1. Forrest Gump {A classic}
2. Cinderella {I was obsessed as a child. Still am}
3. The Hangover {Cracks me up}
4. The Notebook {I know, I'm a basic b***h}

Four Books I’d Recommend:
1. The Girl on The Train
2. When you Make it Home
3. Miracles Now
4. Mad Cowboy

Four Places I’ve Lived:
1. Baltimore, MD {Currently}
2. Towson, MD {In college}
3. Morgantown, WV {My first semester of college}
4. Bel Air, MD {I grew up in a suburb outside of Baltimore}

Four Places I’ve Visited:
1. Ochos Rios, Jamaica {Honeymoon}
2. Miami, FL
3. Niagra Falls, Canada
4. Gettysburg, PA

{Jon and I drinking rum out of a coconut in Jamaica}

Four Things I’d Rather Be Doing Right Now:
1. Reading a book on a beach
2. Sipping an alcoholic beverage on a beach
3. Napping on a beach
4. Okay, I think you get my point... I really just want to be on a beach!

Four Things I’d Prefer Not To Eat:
1. Raw seafood {I can do tuna and salmon though}
2. Meat {Just not a big fan}
3. Leftover salad {ew! soggy}
4. Tofu {I just don't get the point}

Four Favorite Foods:
1. Tacos {Mexican food in general}
2. Hummus
3. Pasta
4. Wine ;)

Four Of My Favorite TV Shows:
1. Bringing up Bates
2. All of the Real Housewives on Bravo
3. Pit bulls & Parolees
4. I Love Kellie Pickler

Four Things I am Looking Forward To This Year:
1. A week vacation in Aruba {Just three more weeks!}
2. Three weddings to attend over the next 4 months
3. Dave Matthews Band concert in June
4. Coldplay concert in August

Four Things I Am Always Saying:
1. Stop itching {One of my dogs has a skin problem}
2. Hi, this is Justine {I get way too many phone calls at work}
3. I love you {You can never be told too often}
4. Amen {I pray multiple times a day}

{My dog Harley}

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For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34
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