Friday, November 8, 2013

Growing Up

Learning to be adults- As funny as it sounds and as much as it makes me laugh at the fact that I actually just wrote that, it's true. From my "short" bio in my first post, you know that Jon and I have been together since I was 16 years old. We have been through it all- I mean, IT ALL! We've literally grown up together through the good and bad. We started as kids in high school, went to college, and got to experience life as young people with little responsibility.

High school senior prom, Spring 2007

Taking a break from college classes- on a yacht in Ocean City, Summer 2010
Trip to D.C., Spring 2012
Now that we have decided to start making the move towards marriage, we need to save money- part of the harsh reality of being an adult! Heck we have rings, a wedding, and honeymoon to pay for!!! Maybe we should have planned for this? Oh well, we were busy having fun!  No more going out for dinner and drinks just about any night of the week that we want, no more shopping whenever I feel like I want something, and no more careless spending on home things just because I feel like re-decorating. Spending on a whim- guilty as charged!

Time to coupon, budget, and maybe I'll even try my hand at yard sales when I want to spruce up my home? Jon built a patio this past summer out of used pallets and I found our outdoor dining set on craigslist for only $25. See, we can be money smart when we want to!

(I got the rug when it was 50% off from Rugs USA)

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