Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

Friday night I did a mini Safeway run and used coupons for the first time. I got 2 sparkle paper towels, 2 four packs of angel soft bath tissue, 1 Aquafina kiwi strawberry water, 1 creamy red pepper with smoked Gouda soup, and 1 spicy chorizo and pulled chicken with black beans soup valued at $16.17 for only $4.69!!! I was SO proud of myself. It was actually pretty easy, I used The Krazy Coupon Lady to help me. If you go to the extreme couponing page, it tells you all the great deals you can get at various stores and online. 

Jon got home late that night so we watched The Dog Fighter Movie about a man who fights for the dogs so they don't have to. It was awesome, I definitely recommend seeing it! The small $5 rental fee goes towards ending dog fighting.

My Saturday was spent cleaning, doing laundry, and working on my pet bandanas, beds, and neck warmers that I will soon be selling on etsy :) It was also a beautiful day so the dogs ran around the yard and played tug-a-war for hours! I love watching them and seeing them so happy. When Jon got home from work we drove up to Bel Air to celebrate his aunts 50th birthday with his family. On the way home Jon insisted that we stop at CR WINGS, his favorite wing spot.  He'll eat wings anywhere really... because he eats them at least once a week if not more (yes, he's THAT obsessed with them). But CR WINGS has the best. He says they're perfectly crispy and the DOA sauce is amazing. For anyone who loves wings, I highly suggest you try CR WINGS in Bel Air.

Sunday we went to the Ravens game. Each year I get a set of tickets to one game from my boss, so I picked the Bengals game. We drove with one of Jon's friends from work and parked at Nicks Fish House in Canton. It's $5 a person roundtrip to take the shuttle from there to the stadium (an absolute steal considering some places charge up to $60 to park by the stadium and then you have to sit in traffic). We stopped at Abbey Burger Bistro in Federal Hill for a couple of beers and met up with some friends.. then headed to tailgate for a few minutes and met up with some more friends before going into the game. We had a blast and the Ravens won in overtime! Afterwards we headed to Jon's work- Mamas on the Half Shell for drinks and a bite to eat. It was a long day but a great day!

It is now 10:30am on Monday morning and I am still exhausted from all the weekend festivities :)

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