Saturday, November 30, 2013

Restaurant Review, Porters of Federal Hill

Name: Porters of Federal Hill

Location: In the heart of Historic Federal Hill at 1032 Riverside Ave, on the corners of Cross St and Riverside Ave. Two blocks from famous Cross St. Market, Two blocks from the Federal Hill itself and, Two blocks from Key Hwy. Close enough to Walk to the Camden Yards Sports Complexes to see dem O's hon or dem Bawmor Ravens play

Prices: Good! We got the Southwest Chicken Risotto entrée priced at $19 and a glass of their pinot grigio house wine at $5

Food: The entrée we got was delicious! And it was enough for 2 people to split and still have some leftover. It was cheesy, had just the right amount of jalapenos, and the presentation was great. The only thing Jon didn't like about the entrée was he thought it had too much corn. 

Service: Our server was very attentive. When we said we would be splitting the entrée she had the kitchen put it on two separate plates so that we didn't have to do it ourselves. Like I said, I got a glass of wine and Jon got a beer; She gave us glasses of water as well without us having to ask (I'm big on that when I go out to eat!). We never did catch her name but our bill says Ansie.

Ambiance: We sat in a little corner booth in the dining area. It was very nice and tables were set with linens. You enter in the bar area and it feels like the cute little neighborhood spot. We loved it and we were so impressed! We ran in for a quick bite to eat... not really expecting much but we were pleasantly surprised! I recommend this restaurant 100%
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