Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

Since last weekend was so busy and mostly spent out of the house I decided to have a bit of a lazy weekend in.  Sometimes it's nice to have nothing to do and just relax! Friday night I did a little coupon run at Giant, using Krazy Coupon Lady again. For $11.74 I got 3 containers of Pillsbury grands, 4 jars of Heinz homestyle gravy, 1 container of country crock butter, 1 dozen eggs, and 2 packs of Pillsbury cookies.

Saturday was spent doing some yard work and laundry. When Jon got home we cooked a spaghetti and meat sauce dinner. I am so lucky that Jon is an amazing cook. Something as simple as spaghetti, he makes better than ever! Football Sunday... Jon had to work a double so I was home by myself all day :/ I used that time to clean the house. I love love love the Robot Vacuum I got about a year ago. I found it online for only around $100. I really suggest that anyone, especially with pets, invests in one of these. I run it at least once a day, sometimes twice. It does all of the work for me, isn't very loud, and gets up all of the pet hair! Seriously go get one!!!


After cleaning I watched the Ravens game with Corrado and Harley. The rain delay was a bit of a drag but we still played very well in my opinion, even though we lost in overtime.

I am actually pretty happy to be back to work this morning. It's hard for me to be lazy for too long lol. Stay tuned because later this week I will be doing a home tour post, showing the holiday décor I've started to put up.

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