Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday

Another Five on Friday link up!!!

1. Homemade pizza on the grill. The weather was beautiful and we really wanted to cook something on the grill so I picked up the most amazing tasting pizza crust and pizza sauce from The Fresh Market. Can you tell which half of the pizza is Jon's? ;)



2. Car rides with my pups. I am so grateful that my dogs do well in the car. All we have to do is open the door and they know to jump in and sit in the back. They don't whine or anything! They love it. So we try to do little trips as much as we can. This time I took them downtown and we drove through Canton!

3. St. Patrick's Day is 3 days away! What are your plans? Here in Baltimore there are plenty of bars that do specials all weekend and of course on March 17th. Fells Point is doing an official pub crawl. As for me, I'll be sparing myself from the crowds downtown and going to my local Irish bar, Emerald Tavern. They set up a tent outside with live music, drink specials, and a special menu. The best part: it's in walking distance from my house so Jon and I won't have to pay for a cab!

4. Benefit Cosmetics. I first discovered Benefit years ago when I fell in love with their A-Lister lip gloss (Unfortunately not available at Sephora but it IS available at Ulta). Now I can't go a day without using their Sugarbomb lip gloss (available at Sephora). I can also highly recommend the Maybe Baby fragrance and lotion (I THINK they may have discontinued it?)!

5. Wedding planning is coming along! We picked out our linens for the reception. I scheduled our cake testing for the beginning of April. We are working on securing a DJ. And my bridesmaids are trying on dresses tomorrow :) Just little things to do here on out!

*Before shopping online, don't forget to go through Ebates first so you can make money back on your purchase!

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