Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid dresses

This past Saturday we went shopping for my bridesmaid dresses! I knew there were a few options to consider:
Long or short
Same dresses for everyone or not

For me I knew I wanted a short dress. My wedding is on August 31st and I didn't want my bridesmaids to be uncomfortable in a dress that made them feel hot. The colors I'm going with are gold and sea green but I chose sea green as the colors for the dresses... I thought it would look better than gold. Also, I think gold shoes and jewelry will compliment the sea green dresses well. I don't like satin so that was out of the question. I wanted a fabric that would be light and comfortable for everyone. I like both strapless and straps but I don't like one strap or high low dresses. And finally, I only have 5 girls: 1 maid of honor, 3 bridesmaids, and 1 flower girl/ junior bridesmaid. I personally think that is a fairly small bridal party so I wanted all the dresses to be the same. I think that if I had a bigger bridal party I would be more open to the maid of honor and flower girl having different dresses. Luckily the dress I chose comes in junior sizes so my niece could wear the same dress as everyone. I do want my maid of honor to stand out in some way... Maybe with her bouquet? If anyone has ideas on that PLEASE let me know :) and here's a picture of the dress we chose!

Keep in mind that we are going with a sea green color like I mentioned. And the lace straps clasp together in the back to create a really pretty touch. Follow this link to see it on the designers website. The color I chose is called cats meow.

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