Thursday, March 13, 2014

IKEA Raskog kitchen cart turned bar cart!

I just fell in love all over again! Obsessed is an understatement of how I feel about the Raskog kitchen cart ... I'm already wanting to buy another one and thinking of places in my house that I could put it. P.S. it also comes in a dark gray color, you can find it here.

I decided to corner it in my dining room and I opted out of the wheels. I actually really love the wheels and the idea of being able to move it around easily. But my fur-children like to play tag (I'm serious.) and I can just picture one of them accidentally bumping it and the whole thing flying across the room. SO no wheels for us. This might also be a good idea for those of you who have human children ;) You can always keep the wheels and put them on later!

Tonic water, San pellegrino pompelmo

I have been SO busy this week that I haven't had 5 minutes to go to the liquor store. I am going to be using tequila, vodka, and wine for my bar cart but in the mean time I decided to use wine that we already had at the house to stage some pictures. Ideally you should stock a bar cart with all types of liquor but since this one is small, I'm only going to be using my favorites!

*Before shopping online, don't forget to go through Ebates first so you can make money back on your purchase!

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