Thursday, March 20, 2014

Home Solution: Keeping Bugs Out

As today is the official first day of Spring I wanted to share a home solution for keeping bugs out. We do not have a screen door at our back door but we love to keep it open when it's nice out. The dogs have the freedom of running in and out of the house (which they love) and we get lots of fresh air in the house (which Jon and I love). The thing I don't love about it: bugs flying into the house- particularly flies and they make the most annoying sounds especially when you're trying to sleep at night!

To fix this problem I used a cheap tension rod from walmart at the top of the doorway. Similar here.

Then I took sheer curtains (found here) that were in one of my spare bedrooms. I LOVE shopping in my own house. It doesn't cost anything and you are finding better ways to utilize items. Why should I have curtains hanging in a room that is only filled with boxes? No one is going to see them in there. They are getting better use now. I hung them from the tension rod in the doorway. The dogs can easily run in and out, fresh air blows through, and bugs STAY OUT.

(View from outside, looking into the house. Duke photo-bombing)

(View from inside, looking into the backyard. Duke waving to his brothers)

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