Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday

alleluia! I never thought this day would come ;) This week started out with my dog, Corrado being sick and is ending with me being sick. I am so ready to use this weekend to rest up and also get some errands done. Here are the top 5 things going on in my life at the moment:

1. It's beginning to look a little like Easter 'round here!

2. Can't wait for lunch with my best friend tomorrow. That can always make a girl feel better, right?

3. And I might just treat myself to a mani pedi while I'm at it!

4. Looking forward to date night at B A Bolton Hill Bistro this weekend. Doesn't the menu sound delicious? You can bet I'll have a restaurant review post ready for Monday! And just a heads up for any of you who may want to try out this cute spot... make your reservations a few days in advance because they book up.

5. How adorable is my baby? He has alopecia caused by either allergies, anxiety, or genes. We have tried different diets- He has been on a strict salmon diet for a while now- so we think we can rule out the food allergy option. We have found that simply throwing some clothes on him, stops him from itching (which is helping his hair to grow back). Maybe it helps him to feel secure? It was that easy, who knew!? 

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