Friday, May 2, 2014

It's Five on Friday!

1. 121 days until Jon and I say "I do" and 122 days until our 8 year dating anniversary. Yes, we are getting married one day before!!! I didn't plan it that way though. When we toured our venue, I fell in love with it but was so bummed to find out they were completely booked for Fall 2014 and was starting to fill up Spring 2015. That's when I was told that August 31, 2014 had JUST opened up!!! I knew it was meant to be! Our wedding website

2. I ordered this headboard through and of course went through ebates so I could earn money back on my purchase. At only $59 (with free shipping) this headboard was too good to pass up. I've been looking for a headboard for a while now (we haven't had one for our bed in years)... and if you follow my blog or know me, you might see that I'm always buying things- BUT I always shop smart and make sure I'm getting a good deal first (and when I DO get a good deal, I love to share it with others!). So I went ahead with this headboard even though on the walmart website it doesn't look too appealing. I just had a feeling it would work out! And it looks really good even though the picture isn't that great... the lighting in my room is terrible and we are waiting to get new bedding for our wedding ;)

3. I also went ahead and bought these pet beds. At 40" by 40" they are the size of a large dog bed but only with a price tag of $25. They have a removable cover for easy washing and are simply perfect for my dogs. 

4. Sunday I get to catch up on all my shows that I missed during the week. I have to say I'm a sucker for a good ole (sometimes trashy and dramatic) reality show!

5. This coming Wednesday we are having our engagement session done with our photographer. I am really excited/nervous (I don't know why) but I can't figure out what to wear. I have a beautiful yellow and white dress that would match the BCBG wedges that I got last year. Or I have a green dress that would match a pair of green and blue wedges that I got from DSW last year. But would I rather wear flat sandals? If so I could wear these sandals that I just got from DSW and pair it with this dress that I was actually considering for my bridal shower. Ughhhh decisions decisions!

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